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Akhirnya, bisa posting lagi. Udah lama mau posting game tentang kepemimpinan, tapi gara-gara gagal terus uploadnya, jadi baru bisa hari ini.. Hhhe... Okay, langsung aja ceck it..

Guess the Number Game

Key Leadership Understanding
Leaders listen and ask pertinent questions. The art of listening and asking
questions is important in being an effective leader.

Math/Science Concepts Applicable
Approximation and patterns

List of participants
Recorder of the number of questions raised and by whom

Time Required
As long as it takes for the first person to achieve the game objective
(approximately five minutes)

Game Objective
Be the first participant to correctly articulate the number determined by the
Group Size
20 to 30

Select a volunteer. Volunteer chooses a number mentally and says, “I’m
thinking of a number.” Each participant will get one chance to ask a “yes or
no question”. No statements are allowed.
Example: Is the number an even number? Is it above 60?
Participants need to keep track of the clues in their heads. The participant
who guesses the number correctly with the least number of questions
receives a small prize.
Participants who ask repeat questions will be made to do a forfeit, since
they have not been listening to the discussion.

Possible Variations
Using questions like “Is the number greater/smaller than…?” will make it too
easy to identify the number. Restrict each type of question to be asked only
once throughout the entire game. So, we can ask questions like:
– Is it a 2-digit number?
– Is there a digit “1” in the number?
NOTE: For advanced players only. Success not guaranteed.

  • What feelings did you experience throughout the game?
  • Question for volunteer: What were some of your thoughts as they were
          asking you the questions?
  • What facets of good communication were demonstrated here?

Practical Application
  • What does this activity tell you about communication with another
  • Why do we have so many problems with being patient?

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50 Mathematic And Science Games For Leadership

by : Alan d'cyborg


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